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News stories about us and the Think Local movement in general

Making Headlines on KION Central Coast News: Campaign To Generate Money For Santa Cruz Economy

What if you could control where your money goes? The small business community in Santa Cruz county is doing just that. Continue reading

Santa Cruz Sentinel: Live here, Shop Here

This year’s Great Money Race has been a huge success and gained tons of media attention. Here’s an exurpt from the recent article posted by the Sentinel Editorial Board: Editorial: Live here, shop here Like the holiday tunes that seemingly … Continue reading

Caleb Baskin: Support your community by shopping locally this holiday season

Like many others, we are deeply invested in the local business community and want to see it flourish. We believe that everyone has an opportunity right now, during the holiday season, to make choices that can greatly impact the ability of our community to thrive… Continue reading

Think Local Santa Cruz Pops Up In Colorado News

…Santa Cruz, Calif., persuaded five banks to give away $100 with the condition it could be spent only in locally owned businesses. The money circulated dozens of times… Continue reading

City of Santa Cruz to Study Increasing it’s Buy-Local Rule

A Sentinel article about the City of Santa Cruz’s decision to consider a local purchasing preference for all city purchases. Continue reading